Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Prepare For Your Re-Roofing Project

Are you preparing for a re-roofing project soon? There are some things that you should get in order before your local roof repair specialists arrive.

  1. Get all fragile items that are not firmly fixed out of the way. These include wall hangings and mirrors that may be on walls and shelves and are not firmly attached to the surfaces.
  2. If you cannot stand the noise of hammering on the rooftop, you might wish to go away for the duration of the project. We try as much as possible to create the least discomfort but there is no way around hammering. 
  3.  Ensure the safety of all the possessions outside that may be ruined by the pressure of falling debris. Such things as cars, sculptures and furniture are examples. 
  4.  Create enough room for trucks which will be bringing in supplies. You may need to park your car out in the street in this regard. 
  5.  Your attic is likely to be affected by the re-roofing. You need to cover anything that may be ruined in this compartment. 
  6.  Keep children and your pets away from the working area as this might cause accidents. You should only allow them back in the vicinity when we have completed the cleaning exercise. 
  7.  In as much as our cleaning crews put the best effort in leaving your compound neat, we cannot assure you that all nails will be removed from grass. 
  8.  We endeavour to complete the project under the time-frame given. We therefore come with extra supplies to the site. Be notified that any remaining supplies still remains our property.
By making sure that these steps are completed, our re-roofing project can go more smoothly, and we can ensure that you’ll be happy with the result. So if you’ve called and scheduled a project with your local Orlando roofing company, follow these guidelines to give yourself the best experience possible.